Room 13s Kelly sport session

Today room 13 went out for Kelly sports to learn the different basics of rugby and to increase our confidence for this week’s tournament. The drills we did were learning how to scrum,tackle,pass, and how to play the ball. After we learned the following skills we played a game of rugby that was very entertaining to see the girls going against the boys. I was surprised to see how good the girls were at rugby.


Today I had lots of fun playing with my friends. I gained a lot of confidence in my tackling. Can’t wait to do it again next week. We also had to include our Whakatauki of the week which is (Tama tu Tama ora Tama noho Tama mate) He who stands lives he who sits perishes.


Also a big thank you to coach Tray and Deon for making this possible:)

One thought on “Room 13s Kelly sport session

  1. Wow ! I hope you enjoyed your kelly sports session, Rugby League is a very popular sport. Keep it up.

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