orange + water experiment


Today Room 11 did a science experiment to see if different fruit could float. I thought the orange would sink because of how heavy it was. We also noticed that the orange we picked was really big so that’s why we assumed that it would sink.











All you need to do to remake this science experiment is to get your bucket. Fill it up with water and put it on a flat surface. Once that’s done you want to pick a fruit or just choose an orange.

Now you want to put the fruit into the bucket of water to see if it floats.



We thought that it would sink but…..


It didn’t 


We actually noticed that it was the skin that was keeping the orange afloat. We noticed that when we decided to take the skin off the orange. After that we tried a kiwi fruit but it sank straight away. Then when it sank so we tried to take the skin off. So once we did that we put it in the water and it sank.


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  1. Hi Kaedyns, I really like the way you wrote up your science experiment – very impressive! I was very surprised that the orange floated – I would have predicted the orange would sink. Was it actually an orange or was it a mandarin? I’m glad you are enjoying science – it’s an exciting subject!

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